Conserved synteny describes a condition in which common ancestry is reflected as similar genome feature content and order along a chromosome in different species. The JAX Synteny Browser allows users to search for and selectively display genome features within syntenic blocks according to the biological and functional annotations associated with the features.


The JAX Synteny Browser for Mouse-Human Comparative Genomics.
Kolishovski, G., Lamoureux, A., Hale, P. et al. Mamm Genome (2019) 30: 353.


General:, Carol J. Bult, Ph.D.
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Source Code

All the code for the JAX Synteny Browser is open source and available on GitHub under the JAX Licence along with documentation on the code.

Core Contributors

Anna Lamoureux , B.S., Associate Scientific Software Engineer
Paul Hale , M.S., Bioinformatics Analyst I
Georgi Kolishovski , M.S., Scientific Software Engineer
Al Simons, Principal Scientific Software Engineer


Carol J. Bult , Ph.D. Professor, Knowlton Family Chair
Joel E. Richardson , Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist
Govindarajan Kunde-Ramamoorthy , Ph.D., Associate Director, Computational Sciences
Jill Recla, Ph.D., Bioinformatics Analyst II
Omoluyi Adesanya


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